Ryan Webb – Digital Development Director

Ryan is our Digital Development Director, responsible for directing all web and technical development projects through a team of analysts and specialists. Ryan uses his broad experience to drive delivery of complex technical projects on time and on budget to each client's satisfaction, ensuring that equimedia continues to produce innovative and successful solutions.

"I enjoy working in the digital space, pushing my team to develop fresh, innovative solutions using the most appropriate technology. I rely heavily on a fantastic team of analysts and technical experts to deliver for our clients, from complex product marketing solutions, like our proprietory product feed tool Feedstream, to platforms that make our clients media spend even more efficient, such as our bespoke Kaizen Platform.

Working at equimedia is personally very rewarding, having the opportunity to work across the business, as well as having regular contact with clients."

Blog Posts

There’s No Placebo Effect in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing we don't have to worry about the placebo effect, instead we have to correctly distinguish between correlation and causation. As a result, we use control, test and learn principles. Find out more about our approach to testing...

Marketers should embrace an independent digital media agency to take full advantage of digital opportunities

This week Marketing Week argued that Marketers need to embrace their media agency. In our view there is no doubt about this, but we would add that it is easier to embrace an Independent agency than to try to get your arms around a large network.

Petplan lead the way with new fully responsive quote funnel

In April we helped to launch a new fully responsive Quote and Buy sales funnel for Petplan - which we believe is the first of its kind in the UK Financial Services sector. Find out more about this exciting project here...

Do you need a website anymore?

As an agency we like to challenge our Clients; this often means asking them to question their assumptions. An ever changing digital landscape gives us plenty of opportunity to suggest alternatives to what they sometimes assume is the obvious solution. With the growth of the semantic web, it may soon even be worth asking some Clients if they need a website at all.....

Web Development in 2014

Web Development in 2014

As part of our series on predictions and things to look out for in 2014 we've pulled together our views on changes and advances in web development.