Kathryn Jefferies - Digital Operations Director

Kathryn Jefferies

Kathryn is our media and social guru, responsible for ensuring that all our clients have the most commercially rewarding and innovative media solutions. Data and insight play a key part in the strength of our media and social department, helping to deliver value for clients, as well as build strong working relationships with our media suppliers. We are media neutral in our solutions; helping clients to find their audiences, listen to them and provide content their audiences are looking for that complement all other marketing campaigns.

"I love data. There, I've said it. Without it, my team could not perform the complex decisions required to ensure we create value for our clients, targeting the right audience for each campaign and brand that we work on. I am proud that equimedia is recognised for the strength of its media and social team, helping us build strong working relationships with our media suppliers, leading to high performing marketing campaigns for clients."


Blog Posts

Thinking Differently About Video Advertising

I attended the IAB Thinking Differently video conference on the Southbank last month, in the aptly chosen British Film Institute. The location and the excellent speakers certainly made up for the dreary November weather – here are my 5 key takeaways from the day!

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Twitter has been around for almost ten years now and yet there are still some common mistakes being made by businesses who want to raise their social profile. We share our tips for avoiding them so you can make better use of this channel.