Catherine Spencer - Senior Content, PR & Social Media Executive

Catherine Spencer

Cat is a Senior Content, PR & Social Executive at equimedia. After finishing a Masters degree in English Literature at the University of Bristol, Cat used her research and writing skills to pursue a career in Content Marketing. Cat joined equimedia in 2015, previously having worked in-house for a large charity. Today Cat manages marketing campaigns for a number of our large charity clients, as well as retail and insurance, from planning and production right through to delivery. Cat is also a keen innovator, with a particular interest in social media and influencer marketing. 

Blog Posts

Ritson, Value, Content and Bathwater

Earlier this week, Mark Ritson penned a provocative piece in Marketing Week entitled “Is content marketing a load of bollocks?”. It’s a fascinating piece and well worth a read, as it points out a real problem for our industry: most “content” sucks. But here’s the problem…