12 Hacks of Christmas


12 Hacks of Christmas

At equimedia we like to make your life easier...

equimedia's 12 Hacks of Christmas! 🎅

With the new year underway and many of us still lethargic after our time off, you may be struggling with the simple day-to-day tasks that before Christmas we’re a piece of cake… That, or you may just be looking for ways to simplify your life, such as some great hacks to increase efficiency and productivity.

Well, while you were stuffing your face with turkey and getting merry to the sound of The Fairytale of New York over the holidays, we released 12 helpful hacks in the run up to Christmas – ranging from Excel tips and best practice tactics to tools that can make your life easier.

So, here’s a quick roundup of the hacks that we shared with you over Christmas!


Hack #1: Use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension to find out search volumes on multiple sites.

Hack #2: Use the WAVE or Siteimprove Chrome Extension to identify accessibility issues quickly and get your key pages WCAG AA compliant.

Hack #3: Import XML sitemap data directly into Excel using the data import feature.

Hack #4: If you have a long list of optimisations and are unsure which to action first, create a simple prioritisation matrix to help better inform your decision making. You can do this by using the standardized PIE Framework to create this yourself or download this prioritization framework from Optimizely.

Hack #5: If you don’t have licenses or experience using prototyping tools like Axure, use the PowerMockup plugin for PowerPoint to quickly do some wireframe/prototype mock-ups for a meeting. The free trial download limits the number of shapes you can use but paying just £47 ($59.99) gives you access to everything for life – no subscription.

Hack #6: Use the console.table command in Chrome dev tools to debug your dataLater set up.

Hack #7: If you have limited audience analysis tools or are struggling to identify your target audience, Facebook’s audience insights is a useful tool to utilise as a starting point to breakdown your social audience and to identify targeting opportunities.

Hack #8: If your LinkedIn campaign is struggling to perform, check your frequency (the number of times an ad is serve to an individual). LinkedIn best practices highlights that the minimum frequency for a LinkedIn campaign should be 4.

Top tip – to achieve this will require more than one creative variant.

Hack #9: If you’re looking to book some activity with a media owner, make sure you get your key campaign details included in the insertion order, so expectations are clear from the start. For example, frequencies, prospecting versus retargeting, response targets, target audiences, attribution windows, are just some of the considerations you should be discussing with your suppliers.

Hack #10: Use Audience Insights within Google Ads in the audience manager section. This tool will give you suggestions and valuable information about your audiences, helping you find new audiences and ensuring you have the data to make informed decisions when it comes to you add group targeting.

Hack #11: Have you ever checked where your Bing partner clicks are coming from? You can view this by heading to the dimensions tab and selecting ‘publisher websites’. This will show your spend and clicks by website, making it easier to identify high spending sites and inefficient partner websites.

A great way to make your marketing activity more efficient!


Hack #12: If you input your keywords list into AdWords Wrapper, it will create and segment them into lists for you, separating them into broad, modified broad, phrase and exact match lists.

There you have our ’12 Hacks of Christmas’! Hopefully at least one of these will make life in 2019 just that little bit easier, please share these hacks with all your friends and colleagues who could benefit from them.

Have a happy and successful 2019 everyone!



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