Christmas PPC Tips


Christmas PPC Tips ...

Tip 1

It is really important that customers expectations are managed and that they are able to buy gifts online in good time for Christmas. A good user experience is key to ensuring customers keep coming back to purchase online from you throughout the year. With this in mind a top tip is to highlight when your last delivery date is within PPC ad copy. This will not only avoid disappointment and ensure a satisfying user experience but reduce click cost wastage.

Tip 2

How do you approach making changes to your PPC ad copy when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying Christmas with the family?

For online retailers the end of Christmas is just the start of the winter / January sales. A top tip for approaching this is to make use of AdWords automated rules. Design and upload your ad copy for both Christmas and post Christmas but ensure that all ad copy in each camp is differentiated by display URL.

Here is a simple 3 step working example:

1.Upload Christmas copy and set live

2.Upload post Christmas copy in paused state

3. Set up two automated rules for ad copy which use the “Display URL contains” requirement /wp-content/uploads/filter

- One pausing all ad copy where the display URL contains “christmas”
- One setting live all ad copy where the display URL contains “winter-sale”


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