Search in 2011

2010 has been a year of consolidation for online marketers. With budgets being affected by the economic downturn many brands have had to focus on core activity, minimising growth or channel testing. Luckily for search, being so accountable, the market has seen growth across 2010 of 20%.

Movember: The Result!

The Movember team at Equi=Media frantically massaged their top lips and topped up their testosterone in order to grow the best Moustaches possible….

Our Movember Team

You may be confused why the person you sit opposite at work has started to look a little like Tom Selleck. It's all for a good cause and several of the team at Equi=Media have decided to do their bit…

Google launches places search

Google announced last night that they are testing local search results in the form of Place Search. This function is being rolled out across 40 countries over the next few days…..

Insight led website development

The Conversion team here at Equi=Media are continually examining Analytics data to seek opportunities for improvements to our Clients' websites. A recent example of the success of this can be seen with Petplan….