Creating a memorable Customer Experience through Social Media

Gone are the days of hanging on the end of the line to customer services and listening to the repetitive on hold tunes. Nowadays consumers will head straight to Facebook and Twitter to voice their complaints and opinions knowing that this way it will reach a wider audience and provoke a reaction.

Cyber Monday - Mega Monday

Last Friday was a huge day for retailers in the US. It was "Black Friday", the day following Thanks Giving and the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season. It has routinely been the busiest day of the year for retailers since 2005…..

Google Adwords Top Vs Side

Google have this month introduced a new option to segment results within an AdWords campaign that is designed to help get more detailed information on how ads are performing in the different positions on the SERP from Google's help...

Why is tracking good?

A few weeks ago on the Adexchanger website, they posed the question: If A Consumer Asked You, Why Is Tracking Good?, What Would You Say? The CEO and President of AdRoll had an interesting response…..