A Time for Festive Giving

Christmas is traditionally the season of giving when we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves and try to do something selfless that will make a difference to others. In business, this should be no different. Many companies now have strategies in place to support charities that are local to them or special to their employees. If you don’t, maybe this Christmas is the time to think about it and give a little back to your community.

Facebook Gifts

Shopping online is a great way of avoiding the crowds and the cold when Christmas comes around and Facebook are looking to make the process even more efficient with their new Gifts feature.

Making Social Media Pay

Social media sites have some of the largest networks in the world and can help companies raise awareness of their products/service. The trick is getting people to talk about your company, which is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. It’s often believed that by having a Twitter or Facebook account your company will inherently have an engaged target audience.

Get Festive with Google+ Hangouts

Christmas is one of those times of year when you can start to build in some fun and humour to your social media strategy and show a little of your brand’s personality. Google+ hangouts offer a perfect way of doing this. If you’re not fully aware of all that Google+ hangouts have to offer, you’re missing out on opportunities to highlight your business and get a step ahead of your competitors in a fun and quirky way!

Social Media Seasonality Tips

If you haven’t started to think about creating some unique Christmas themed content for the festive season then, like my Christmas shopping, it’s never too late! In my admittedly biased opinion, social media is the best place to start. If we go ahead and assume that you already have some sort of social presence with a group of dedicated followers then you have an untapped resource already at your fingertips.

5 Ways to go mobile

There are many approaches to making your website mobile friendly. The most common mistake businesses make is not fully evaluating all of them before committing development resource. So what are the options?


How to export more than 500 rows in Google Analytics

This Christmas we’ve decided to give you a tip that keeps giving and giving. As we’re sure you know it’s not uncommon for GA users to want to export more than 500 records of data but the folks at Google haven’t made it easy. This step by step guide will show you how to get out any number of records saving you the user a load of data export misery.