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2015 - Year of the tech toy

Written by Nicola | 08-Dec-2015 10:55:00

I love Christmas - the decorations, food, family gatherings, presents and what would Christmas day be without the inevitable rounds of ‘friendly’ family board games!

Do you remember Monopoly? I’m not talking about today’s Electronic Banking Monopoly, I’m talking about the old school - fight with your siblings to be the banker and hide money under the board - Monopoly (or was that just me?!) 

Toys have changed throughout the years, but the purpose of toys has remained the same:

Each toy is designed by humans to bring comfort, fun or learning to children and adults alike.

Now not only are toys doing the educating, toys are learning about you. Integrated with apps, these innovative toys can build up a database of knowledge about the user and use this to interact and engage in an intelligent and personalised way. 

While updating our “Toys Timeline” from last year’s
Innovative toys through the decades blog, I’ve come across some weird and wonderful new tech toys that have made it into stores this year. Here are three of my favourites:

My friend Freddy Bear

Without a doubt my favourite 2015 toy is My friend Freddy Bear - not dissimilar to his teddy bear ancestors that have brought cuddles and joy to children for decades. However, this little guy is a teddy bear with a twist! He comes with an app which can be set-up with the answers to 50 pre-loaded questions. These insights give Freddy Bear knowledge of the child and their family, helping to bring him to life! 


Meet i-Que, he is such a clever robot that he can tell jokes and his speech-to-text technology enables him to answer almost any question you throw at him. He is both interactive and intelligent and for child safety he uses internet safe search filters.

Little Live Pets Clever Keet

Want a pet without the responsibility and clear up? This is where Little Live Pets Clever Keet comes in. An interactive toy that behaves like a real bird, but better – you can give him a name, teach him words and ask him questions. Then watch this cheery little thing sing, dance and swing away on his perch!

With the festive season fast approaching and children all over the world writing their lists for Father Christmas in anticipation, there’s plenty to choose from. Are there any other simply must-have toys that you, or your children, think should also be included? Add them in the comments below.

In the meantime, here’s to another toy-tastic Christmas – I wonder what will be in store for 2016!