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2017 General Election Monitor

Written by equimedia | 12-May-2017 12:59:00

After the recent local elections, all parties have now shifted focus to the General Election. Party manifestos are being launched and promoted, ready to kick start the drive for public votes. During the short run-up to polling day on the 8th of June we will be conducting a weekly online review of party and leadership visibility alongside our key topics monitor to help identify the issues likely to drive voters to the polls. So, let’s have a look at our starting point for our small series of election updates. 

Leadership Visibility

Our starting point sees Theresa May carry the most online visibility, boosted by being the current Prime Minister and choosing a time to poll when other parties are in transition. As campaigning is now in full swing, other party leaders are presented with an excellent opportunity to boost their own visibility amongst the electorate and close the current gap to the Conservative party leader. 

Party Visibility

Party visibility presents a more even share across the two leading parties, with both Labour and Conservatives accounting for around 75% of identified mentions. While traditional polling suggest UKIP are in line for a tough election, their visibility is still currently significantly higher than that of the Liberal Democrats.

Key Topics

Local government topics feature highly during this week’s survey period, driven by the recent local elections, but Brexit and Europe dominate as the most discussed topic.

A snap election has truncated campaigning into an extremely small window. Will voters be carrying a Brexit hangover or can interest be sustained across this 4-week campaigning blitz? We shall soon find out.