25 hacks to get the most out of Excel

If you work with data, you definitely work with Excel and while you may not need to be a spreadsheet whiz kid, it’s great to know some  time saving tricks that will help you work faster and more efficiently.

Navigate like a Pro

Quickly moving around an excel sheet can be a life saver. If you are working with large data sets quickly moving from top to bottom will save countless scrolls of the mouse and, if you are working with multiple tabs of data, switching between them can also save time.

Excel Hack 1 – Fast navigation (CTRL + Arrow)

Excel Hack 2 – Select data quickly (SHIFT +CTRL +Arrow)

Excel Hack 3 – Switch between tabs (CTRL + Page Down/Up)

Excel Hack 4 - Navigate to cell A1 – CTRL + A1

Excel Hack 5 – Open a new work book – CTRL + O

Format data, charts and tables to make data clear and easy to read

Formatting your spreadsheets makes it easy to read and analyse data. Simple style changes like making headings bold or capitalising the beginning of every word, can clean up your data sets and make it obvious to other users what the key points are.

Excel Hack 6 - Make all text capitals (=UPPER)

Excel Hack 7 - Capitalise the beginning of every word (=PROPER)

Excel Hack 8 – Display the character length of a cell (=LEN)

Excel Hack 9 – Add today’s date – (CTRL +;)

Excel Hack 10 – Add table to selected data – (CTRL + T)

Excel Hack 11 – Create a chart from selected data – ALT +F1

Excel Hack 12– Change the formatting of your cell (Ctrl +Shift + $/£)

Excel Hack 13 – Change cell to a percentage – (CTR + SHIFT + %)

Cut, Copy, Edit, Repeat!

We all know that CTRL + C / CTRL + V is the most effective way to move data, but there are numerous other tricks for editing data in excel.

Excel Hack 14– Cut data – CTRL X

Excel Hack 15 – Copy above cell or Fill down data - CTRL + D

Excel Hack 16 – Edit current cell – F2

Excel Hack 17 – Repeat data in numerous cells CTRL + Y

Excel Hack 18 -  Copy and paste a formula - CTRL C / ALT+E S F

Excel Hack 19 – Enter data in multiple cells - CTR + Enter

Working with the data

Data can be daunting, but these hacks will help make your number crunching more manageable.

Excel Hack 20– Filter your data (CTRL + Shift +L)

Excel Hack 21 – Auto sum (ALT + =)

Excel Hack 22 – Add F4 to toggle formula references (F4)

Excel Hack 23 – Calculate to the end of month (=EOMONTH)

Excel Hack 24 – Calculate Growth (New / OLD – 1)

Excel Hack 25 – Find the average of your data - (=AVERAGE)

I hope these Excel hacks have been useful. You can download our “ Cheat Sheet ” here and feel free to share your favourite keyboard shortcuts in the comments.



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