5 things digital marketers should keep in mind amid COVID-19 outbreak


5 things digital marketers should keep in mind amid COVID-19 outbreak

We know that digital marketing is ever changing and is something we need to constantly be on top of, but some changes come without warning and are totally unexpected. The impact of COVID-19 is being seen worldwide and is affecting how users are living their day to day lives. Here are five things you as a business should be bearing in mind to stay on top of the current situation.

1. Keep relevant dialogue with your customer base and be helpful

According to Real Time Google search trends, the keyword ‘MOT’ is the sixth highest growing UK keyword search in the past 24 hours. In light of the Coronavirus, the government has granted Car & Motorcycle owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing. It is important for advertisers to be alert to relevant news and legislation changes that could help them drive engagement with their customer base in a positive way such as this example from Triumph Motorcycles on Facebook shortly after the announcement today.

2. Understand customer intent and act accordingly

With over 25% of UK households owning a dog, it comes as no surprise that the keyword search term ‘Dog’ on Google is third highest trending keyword today. However, the keyword search term ‘Dog insurance’ has seen a decline of late. After Boris Johnson announced a three week ‘lockdown’ many dog owners are wondering what are the rules when it comes to walking their dogs, however they are not actively seeking insurance products. As such, this data should help advertisers in planning accordingly the split between their Display, branding and DR Budgets.


3. Keep video ads simple

When creating video ads, keep them simple and avoid complexity. As reported on CNN, ‘Videos on YouTube will now default to standard definition for all users worldwide, a step down from the typical high definition that users normally see. The move is aimed at easing the burden on internet infrastructure as lockdowns and other emergency policies have kept millions at home’. Therefore, expect more video views on your ads but don’t expect them to be viewed in high definition which could have an effect on customer experience.

Google introduces TrueView for Action ads on YouTube

Image Source - Marketing Land

4. Reconsider your targeting options on YouTube

As we know, schools in the UK are closed for the foreseeable future. This means that daytime weekday YouTube content consumed by children is now ‘a thing’! Children are not in school and parents are giving them screen time to get through the day and YouTube is a popular destination for them to go to. Therefore ads that typically may have reached an adult audience during the working day may actually be viewed by the sons and daughters of your target audience during ‘Lockdown’. As such, it is important to review how and who you are targeting during the working day to reduce wastage, especially on YouTube.


5. Could the tax year be extended?

Covid-19 and ‘Lockdown’ has coincided with peak season for certain financial products such as Isa’s, because if people do not use their Isa allowance before the end of the tax year, it cannot be rolled over. Given the current climate, it may be that the tax year end date could be extended and thus advertisers within this sector need to remain nimble to these changes whether that be through changing their contingency budget plan or rephasing their 20/21 budgets to free up higher marketing spends for May and potentially beyond.



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