5 top tips for AMP Success


5 top tips for AMP Success

Optimising your site for mobile...

It's been 2 years since the launch of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the open source framework that allows you to create mobile pages that deliver content quickly, or basically, mobile pages on a diet to deliver content that really matters.

What are the benefits of AMP?

  • Improved page load speed
  • Better mobile UX
  • High mobile rankings
  • Stronger mobile conversion

and the results speak for themselves...

  • 10% increase in website traffic (1)
  • 2x increase in time spent on page  (1)
  • 20% increase in sales conversion on e-commerce sites compared to non-AMP pages (2)
  • 60% increase in pages per visit (2)
  • 20% increase in it's ad placement CTR (3)

 Why should you be utilising AMP?

AMP already sounds great, but why is this really necessary? Well here are a couple of stats to put everything into perspective:

  • 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned for pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load
  • Conversion rate increases 74% when page load time decreases from 8 to 2 seconds

Mobile speed and conversion optimisation is essential to keep in touch with the competition, but how do you go about creating your own AMPs?

5  Step Plan to AMP Success

Tip #1 - GET AN EXPERIENCED TEAM! You'll need a:

  • Project Manager
  • UX Researcher 
  • UI Designer 
  • Open-Source Developer

Then, follow these five steps:

1. Identify and Prioritise Pages

- Don't try and do every single at once!

- Prioritise based on sections of the site that support your content.

2. Conduct Analysis

- Analyse your mobile UX to identify barriers your AMP pages need to address.

- Not doing this can lead to spending time and money in the wrong place!

3. UI Design

- Aim to create an AMP experience that is interconnected to other AMP pages, or at least consistent with the UX of your whole website.

4. Build and Migrate Content

- Remember, there is no 'quick win' out of the box build solution - everything is bespoke.

- Also consider if you want to create AMP pages for old content such as blogs.

5. Deploy, Monitor & Report

- Once deployed, a gradual cross over from normal website pages to AMP pages getting organic traffic will occur.

- Importantly - keep an eye on your conversion goals, reporting success and failure. 

Success Stories

e-commerce - Merchology

In December 2017, Merchology began allowing customers to easily add their own logos to fashionable apparel and gifts. The company prides itself on "tailoring solutions that are uniquely suited to our customers' tastes."

Merchology began looking at AMP in late 2017 "for speed and improved opportunities for online discovery", and they put AMP to the test with a simple A/B experiment in which they ran AdWords ads for a popular brand.

Half the ads directed users to Merchology's standard responsive mobile web pages, and the other half directed users to eight new AMP pages created specifically for the experiment. 

Content on the two types of pages was roughly the same, but their page-load speeds were very different.

The results...

  • 286% faster load time than non-AMP pages
  • 39% increase in conversion rate
  • 19% more pages per session

Where have we had success for our clients?

Petplan Blog & Pet Advice

Petplan are the largest pet insurer in the UK, supporting thousands of customers with insurance for their dogs, cats and rabbits. 

We began looking at AMP with Petplan as we were rebuilding their new website in late 2017. Their blog and pet advice content is the most valuable, driving high volumes of traffic and customers into their sales funnel, therefore we wanted to optimise this even further. 

At the time, no other competitor had AMP pages, therefore it was a logical step to adopt the AMP technology that would give them a competitive advantage in organic rankings, superior mobile site speed, and an improved mobile UX. 

The results...

A Google mobile page speed score of 99/100

 AMP is still evolving...

As a relatively new technology, adopters are constantly looking to build on the possibilities that AMP has to offer.

If you're interested in improving your mobile experience, get in touch with one of our experts!

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(3) https://www.ampproject.org/static/extra/The_Total_Economic_Impact_Of_AMP.pdf


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