Can digital save the high street?

Google claims ‘near me’ searches have doubled in the past year, as shoppers realise it can be quicker to buy something on the high street rather than online. So what should retailers be doing in light of these findings?

Why is Attribution Important?

Attribution is a hot topic at the moment; agencies, advertisers and media owners all seem to be talking about it. Google and DoubleClick Search in particular are making this a focus of theirs and now offering workshops on attribution models and how to use them.

Movember – Mo’ Money Less Problems.

It’s December and finally the ridicule can stop. November or Movember as it has been referred to in the PPC team this month has been a hard but fruitful month. We have absolutely smashed our £1,000 target (and some) but it’s come at the expense of our faces and our feelings

Video advertising for FMCG brands

Top tips for FMCG brands looking to develop digital specific video assets that are tailored to each of the social platforms out there. This blog covers off the varying formats, specifications and usage occasions for delivering engagement and inspiration.