Travels in personalisation, relevancy and customer tribes

The ABTA Travel Convention took place this week in Abu Dhabi, and saw the great and the good of global tourism brands debate what’s new and what’s next for the industry. A running theme throughout the conference was increased personalisation; understanding customers in more detail to be able to respond more effectively to their needs and preferences.

Ritson, Value, Content and Bathwater

Earlier this week, Mark Ritson penned a provocative piece in Marketing Week entitled “Is content marketing a load of bollocks?”. It’s a fascinating piece and well worth a read, as it points out a real problem for our industry: most “content” sucks. But here’s the problem…

What does it take to be one of the world's most valuable brands? Ask Panasonic

At equimedia, we’re always delighted to see a client achieve success, and Panasonic is no exception. Just this week it was announced that they have again made the Interbrand list of the Best Global Brands. We’re tremendously proud of the accomplishments of all of our clients, and to have one acknowledged in the top 100 Global Brands list just reinforces how proud we are of our B2B work together.

The evolving travel SERP

Search plays a pivotal role when it comes to travel. As users, we use it at almost every stage of travel planning from destination selection and finding the right hotel, to booking a taxi. We use search to research the ideal location, book flights, travel insurance, airport parking, to review and choose accommodation, and review and book excursions and restaurants in advance. So how can travel brands maximise their results?