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A picture is worth a thousand words Can AdWords image extensions help get you more clicks to site?

Written by Tiffany | 10-May-2013 15:02:00

Following success in the US, Google have launched Image PPC ads in the UK and we’ve been busy setting these up for a number of our clients. This enables us to include 3 images within our PPC adverts (alongside the existing ad copy and SiteLinks), showcasing clients’ products in a more engaging format than the standard, sometimes restrictive 2 or 3 lines of copy. We’re focusing on Brand PPC campaigns to start with, where that required number 1 position is more likely.

Google results from the US suggest that adding images to the ads can help improve Click Through Rate (CTR) by 10-15% - and we know that a better CTR has a positive impact on Quality Score, and therefore Costs and Ad Position.

All now set up, approved and ready to go we're all excitedly waiting to spot the ads on the SERP - but no sightings as of yet! However, our team at Google Germany have told us that the beta "will begin ramping up serving from May 1†and that there is an expectation that Google will be “at 1% serving on May 1 and will continue to increase coverage over the next few days".

We'll continue to keep our eyes peeled and will share, once we have them, initial examples from the SERP and will also follow up with insight as to whether we do indeed see an improvement in CTR.