Ad words – The return of indefinite ad rotation


Ad words – The return of indefinite ad rotation ...

There was a lot of controversy when Google removed the ‘rotate indefinitely’ option in Ad-words, the removal meant that ads would only rotate for 90 days until the best performing ad was served all of the time. This caused problems for copy testing – skewing results over time and meaning that even serving of ads only happened for 90 days (if at all).

This change caused uproar within the industry – there was a huge buzz on twitter and a barrage of comments on various articles complaining about this change. Google produced a feedback form allowing customers to ask for the return of indefinite rotation and although feedback was scarce they decided to bring it back. So the option is back (see below) this will enable us to carry out valid copy testing again and produce statistically valid results.

rotate options

It’s refreshing to see Google listening to users and customer feedback so long may it continue!


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