AdCenter Upgrades & Improvements


AdCenter Upgrades & Improvements ...

Now the Search alliance is complete and the teething problems are over AdCenter has begun a implementing a series of updates.

AdCenter's new addition is the Search Campaign History Report which you can pull from the AdCenter UI.

If you work in a fast paced environment with multiple clients a report like this is a necessity across all ad management interfaces. The report documents all changes and amends across a particular campaign allowing you to track when ads are enabled, paused and removed as well as changes to daily/monthly budgets. The report can also tell you which user made the change, which is often crucial if you have a large PPC team working across many different accounts. AdCenter doesn't quite offer full comprehensive reporting on this as AdWords does – The report only pulls data to adgroup level which can be of inconvenience if you are trying to drill down to keyword bid changes – but there are several aspects of account changes you can view. See below...

Another advantage this report offers is that it can document an entire timeline and history of an account. This can be extremely beneficial when trying to analyse changes in performance or efficiency and pinpointing what changes (if any) triggered this. This type of report can also provide benefits for clients who have access to the accounts as well – it allows them to keep track what optimisations and expansions are being carried out.

AdCenter other recent improvements include –

Impression Share Lost report – which can help determine issues with the account by highlighting if low performance is down to budget, bid or ad quality (landing page/keyword relevance).

Ad Intelligence 8.0 (keyword research tool) – excel add-in. This allows you to expand keyword lists in the excel interface. Suggested keywords can be padded out based on Bing & Yahoo! network data and you can also develop bidding strategies based on pricing data. It's free to download from here –

URL by Match Type is another feature which is coming soon to AdCenter; this is similar to what we already see in AdWords. This lets you manage each destination URL by match type independently. This will be available from 24/07/2012.

Hopefully the AdCenter expansions will continue as it tries to close the gap on AdWords, there's certainly a long way to go but it looks as though they are heading in the right direction.


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