Finally, 2016 - The Year of The Mobile


Finally, 2016 - The Year of The Mobile ...

Google have finally caught up with the rest of us and realised that 2016 might just finally be the year of the mobile with their announcement regarding some new mobile first options coming soon to AdWords.

The changes were announced at yesterday’s Google Performance summit in San Francisco and include:

Mobile First Bidding

It has long been a frustration of those working with AdWords that desktop is seen as the lead device and all bids are set from that base. Google have finally addressed this and in “the coming months” they will allow us to set individual bid adjustments for all devices! Finally they have acknowledged that a tablet is different from a desktop! This brings the enhanced campaigns back up to date. Mobile can now also be set as the base keyword bid which means that potentially we can now actually have mobile only campaigns with desktop and tablet reduced with a modifier. This modifier has been also increased from +300% to +900%

Expanded Text Ads

This is another one that will be welcomed by online marketers across the world. One of the hardest parts of the search team’s job is to condense a client message into just 25, 35, 35 characters. Google have announced some changes to ads that give a bit more room to manoeuvre. These are summarised in the table below.

Upgraded ad components Current Available later this year
More prominent headlines One 25-character headline Two 30-character headlines
Longer description line Two 35-character description lines One consolidated 80-character description line
Relevant display URL Manually entered display URL. Any mismatch between your display, final and landing page URLs will cause your ad to be disapproved. Domain automatically extracted from your final URL to ensure accuracy. You can customize the URL path.

Tabular information sourced from original announcement post.

Although this is only 5 characters in the headline and 10 in the description it really will make a difference. The recent removal of the side ads means that all ads now have more room to show, and made a move like this more likely. Could this hint at a wider results layout change to come?

Responsive Ads For Display

Even the GDN gets in on the action with the announcement of responsive ads for display, a new format which adapts to the different content seen across its ad network. This is key as it means that advertisers won’t need to resize creatives to cater for different sites/formats. Instead they can provide headlines; a description, an image and a URL, and Google will take care of the rest. Native, the latest buzz word, is also a catered for with advertisers given access to new inventory of native placements.

An example of this from Google’s Blog:

Image (from the Inside Adwords announcement post) showing responsive ads for display

Image credit: Google

All in all some exciting announcements and ones which will be pored over and analysed for weeks to come. Here at equimedia we will be looking at the best ways to take advantage of these changes for our clients to ensure we continue to deliver the best from our campaigns.


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