Affiliates offer an effective way to supplement your Mobile Strategy


Affiliates offer an effective way to supplement your Mobile Strategy ...

If 2011 was the ‘year of mobile’ then 2012 is likely be billed as the ‘year of M-Commerce’ – good news if you are an advertiser or af/wp-content/uploads/filiate looking to capitalise on the growth of the mobile channel and to exploit the wealth of opportunities that mobile and af/wp-content/uploads/filiate marketing presents.

Over the past year, Mobile Commerce has been rapidly gathering pace particularly within the af/wp-content/uploads/filiate sphere. Recent figures from Af/wp-content/uploads/filiate Window show that in December 2010, just over 2% of all network traffic came from mobile devices. Fast-forward a year and this has increased to over 7% - a percentage figure widely expected to increase over the course of 2012. The advance in localisation technologies and the use of Quick Response codes has amplified this growth and is helping bridge the gap between online and offline.

Being perfectly placed to take advantage of how people are interacting and engaging with mobile devices on the move, af/wp-content/uploads/filiates have adopted M-Commerce strategies quicker than most. Pioneering localisation technologies and recognising those consumers who are looking for the best offers and cheapest prices, af/wp-content/uploads/filiates are cleverly using location based targeting to promote offers that can be redeemed in store. Quidco and Voucher Cloud, both featuring in the recent The Sunday Times Top 500 apps list, are at the forefront of this, combining incentivised check-ins with in-store cash back or discounts. Af/wp-content/uploads/filiates are not only driving footfall but also sales for their merchants – Quidco research has shown that multi-channel customers spend on average more online and in-store than just single channel customers.


At Equi=Media we recognise the importance of Mobile as a core media channel and are working closely with our clients to develop their mobile strategies and to increase their mobile presence. For those advertisers who haven’t yet developed a fully functioning optimised mobile site, taking advantage of af/wp-content/uploads/filiate marketing and incentivised location-based targeting to drive customers in-store rather than through a mobile site is a quick-win. Incentivised traffic is dominating the growth of mobile and the nature of it follows the trend of how consumers are using mobile – hunting for offers and cheapest prices. 


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