Agency accurately predicted result with big data analysis


Agency accurately predicted result with big data analysis ...

The results of the Scottish Referendum are in with 55.3% saying ‘No’ to becoming an independent Scotland. Direct and digital media agency equimedia accurately predicted this outcome and in doing so has proven that big data analysis works in social media.

Over the past two weeks equimedia captured Scottish-based social media commentary on the biggest political issue the country has seen for many years. By mining social media data on the referendum and analysing this in combination with multiple national polls and survey results, equimedia was able to identify underlying voting intentions and the results have been proven correct.

Paul Wojciak, planning analyst at equimedia, says: “While many are monitoring social media, few are fully exploiting the insight to its full potential. Working closely with our social media team, we embarked on this exercise to prove our theory that you can combine Big data and social media data to accurately predict certain outcomes, in this case the Scottish Referendum. This was a unique attempt to prove the value of social media data - and it worked!”

“The increasing availability of big and social data, especially in a business environment, creates exciting opportunities for brands to gain competitive market advantage. Brands can no longer ignore the need to improve their understanding of their customers in order to deliver a first-class product and service offering and social media is becoming an ever important part of this process.”

About equimedia

Direct and digital agency, equimedia, delivers innovative digital and direct response Media solutions including Search, Social, Media, Mobile and Website Conversion, all underpinned by solid analytics.

equimedia sets out to make the complex digital world simple and deliver exceptional ROI for their clients from the Automotive, Charity, Fashion, Financial Services, Food and Retail sectors among others.

Data is at the heart of equimedia’s business from planning to delivery, creating insights to campaign optimisation. equimedia uses proprietary software solutions to analyse data and deploy targeted digital and direct marketing campaigns. Its people create data insights to deliver innovative media plans and accelerated channel & website performance.

equimedia is the no.5 media buying agency in Econsultancy’s Top 100 UK digital agencies (June 2014).

Data + Technology + People = the equimedia difference


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