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Are you untrackable online?

Written by Stacey | 19-Mar-2012 11:16:00

I know I am. I realised the other day that I had used three different devices before making a clothing purchase... totally unintentional, but it got me thinking about the impact this would have had on the poor advertising agencies trying to claim that sale!

I love my mobile devices - it’s just so convenient to check email on the move, and browse sites using my tablet but it’s also sometimes much more practical to complete a purchase on a desktop, especially where form-filling is concerned and no mobile site exists.

It does make things difficult for the merchant though to understand what advertising is influencing what sales...

For example – did I click on a tablet PPC ad to get to the website where I finally went onto make my purchase? Maybe... but that’s kind of the point. I don’t really know what marketing actually swayed me to head back to the site and make my purchase! Was it the criteo banners I was served on the desktop PC, from when I had been browsing the site earlier that week? Was it the email I had scan-read on my way into work on my mobile, promising me a nice discount if I order by a certain date...? Maybe. Ultimately I know I went through a cashback affiliate site, so I could take advantage of a % back into my pocket and the free delivery code they were offering – but does last click really ‘win’ in this situation?

At Equi=Media, we are very aware of the increasing complexity that surrounds customer research, consideration and purchase paths. There is no one solution or system to measure success of marketing strategies, where broken journeys exist. But by understanding what proportion of your audience are likely to break their journeys, you can start to model an effect on other channels. Last year, we conducted a broken journey study so we could get a handle on these numbers and how this varied by sector and age-group.

This insight into broken journeys has added an extra layer to our planning, and with the recent developments of our Kaizen Platform (see Paul’s recent blog and real time bidding for an explanation of The Kaizen Platform) this has enabled us to move to a position whereby we invest clients’ budgets in the relevant channels for the best ultimate return. 

It would be naïve in this current age of technology innovation to still forecast and model on linear customer journeys and last click wins methodology. We don’t have the answer yet, and we’re not sure this will ever be absolutely ‘measured’ by a one-stop solution, but using all of the available data sources, and by building pen portraits for each Client’s typical customer we can apply understanding and insight to our channel planning, so that we can help clients reach their overall campaign KPIs.