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“Call Me Maybe?” - AdWords Automated Call Extensions

Written by Ben | 16-Feb-2017 14:22:00

Are you ready for the new automated extension in AdWords?

The latest announcement from Google is “Automated Call Extensions are being added”. AdWords will start rolling out Automatic Call Extensions to text ads. This seems to be an update on their recent rollout on their Mobile-First Strategy back in January/early February. The Call Extensions that will be added would be based on the phone number that is on your landing page.

What are automated extensions?

Automated Extensions are extensions that can show in AdWords ads. Like manual AdWords Ad Extensions, Google says that Automated Extensions can improve the quality of your ads by adding additional information about your business, and they show when Google predicts that they are more likely to improve your ad performance. The advantage of Automated Extensions is that no additional setup is required, however we focus on being proactive and create our own ad extensions manually as we feel our client knowledge and marketing expertise helps develop better extensions; so we opt out of the Automated Extensions, with a few exceptions - therefore we have full control of what appears, and when.

How to Opt In/Out:

Opting in or out of Automated Extensions is simple to do:

To see Automated Extensions, click the Extensions Tab in the AdWords account interface and change the “View” to “Automated Extensions report”. Any statistics for automated extensions that have shown should appear at the top.

Next expand out the “Automated extension options (advanced)” dropdown to get the following:

By default this will be set to “use all” but we can specify which extensions not to show – just check the boxes next to which automated extensions you want to opt out of. Once you’re happy hit “Save”.

Note – when opting out of automated extensions, make sure that you have manual equivalents set up and live otherwise no extensions of that type will show at all and this could have a negative effect on your ad performance.

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