Behavioural targeting matures


Behavioural targeting matures ...

Behaviourally targeted advertising has come on a long way in the past couple of years – getting over the Phorm stigma was a big enough achievement in itself, but it’s performance is what has established it as a core channel for many of our clients. The ability to target users based on previous browsing behaviours and search patterns, coupled with network pricing has been a powerful combination; driving strong return on investment across many industry sectors.

One thing to keep in mind is the composition of inventory within a behavioural buy that is actually re-targeting, as (unsurprisingly) the cost efficiency of this inventory is considerably better than ‘cold’ behavioural targeting, and can skew the overall performance. Google enables tracking of the two targeting types separately which delivers line of sight, but other networks are guarded about sharing this insight – it is important to understand this to evaluate campaign performance fairly.

In some instances we are seeing behaviourally targeted display campaigns performing more cost efficiently than search campaigns... with the scalability of behavioural networks and the added brand impact of display formats over text based search, the channel is starting to challenge for chunks of other marketing channel budgets.



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