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Bing Ads Automated Rules ...

Bing has listened to its ad users and brought in a new feature, the one we wanted to see most, with the automated rules functionality added to their interface. This is just the latest existing AdWords feature that was
incorporated in Bing Ads.

bing ads interface

Automated rules can be used to save time by making changes across your accounts based on specific conditions. They can also be used to make vital changes when you don’t have access to your account i.e. outside of office hours.

Bing Automated Rules work similar their Google AdWords counterparts – just click the “Automate” tab and then choose how you want your rule to be set up. You can change daily budgets or paused campaigns based on certain criteria and can also set up Ad Group, Keyword and Ad level rules.

To start, click the “Automate” tab in any level of the interface and you will see a drop-down list of options – “Change Budget When”, “Pause Campaigns When” etc. Click any of these to go into more detail:

bing rule change

Like in Google AdWords, you can choose if you want to run the changes once only or at regular intervals and how many items the changes get applied to. The conditions (“When”) are optional – click “remove” to remove the default one. You can also preview the results of this rule before it runs – this is recommended to ensure you’re not making changes you don’t want to.

Having this functionality on Bing will allow us to synchronize any out-of-office changes at the same time as on Google. We can also use them to optimize our account e.g. change budgets or bids when certain conditions are met. The ability to roll out any out-of-hours changes or pausing of campaigns at the same time as on Google will help to ensure parity across all our paid search activity where we are live across multiple networks.

Bing automated rules currently provide enough based on what we as an agency typically use them for. We mainly use automated rules to change or pause campaigns when we are out of the office, for example if a client’s site is expected to go down. Historically on Bing, we had to either do nothing and risk disapprovals or pause Bing accounts completely and lose out on traffic.

Google is still the dominant player in terms of search market share, but the Bing Yahoo network now accounts for a third of the market share in the US. While there are still a few features in AdWords that Bing doesn’t offer, there are a few Bing Ads features that are better than AdWords counterparts, for example, cheaper average CPCs, less competition, Rich Ads (RAIS) and better control over certain targeting options excluding Close Variants (which Google recently forced upon everyone) and search partners.

I anticipate that Bing will continue to adopt popular features from Google AdWords, but what I would really like to see them adopt is an easier way of raising insertion orders.


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