Building Awareness Online: Are you Measuring Digital Branding Effectively?


Building Awareness Online: Are you Measuring Digital Branding Effectively? ...

The traditional marketing funnel is a process of driving initial user awareness and consideration through to conversion and loyalty. Each stage of the funnel requires an integrated approach, but will have different objectives – Digital Media is unique in its ability to measure and track performance at each stage of the funnel which is why we’ve developed metrics to measure performance at each stage.

Marketing Funnel: Measuring Success at Each Stage

Standard Awareness Measurements

Equi=Media standard reporting covers key aspects of awareness measurements. Overall site traffic and ‘brand’ search keywords are a good indicator of changes in user awareness. Additionally, through use of rich media we measure creative interactions and dwell time to have an indication of the impact creative has had on the user. Delivery, Creative and Targeting can then be optimised to drive increased user interaction and engagement – and measured against the overall impact a campaign has had on site traffic and brand searches.

Advanced Awareness Measurements

Through bespoke tools, and integrated Equi=Media reporting there are more advanced methods of measuring awareness effectiveness. Brand Surveys independently track changes in user attitudes, through use of controlled measurement of exposed and non-exposed users. 

We can also provide in-depth analysis intro attribution and downstream impact of ‘Market Making’ media onto ‘Market Taking’ channels such as Search, Af/wp-content/uploads/filiates and Direct Response Display through our Digital Voyage tool. 

Through our Social Media unit, we can provide social media monitoring to track mentions, likes, social engagement and user sentiment towards your brand.

If you would like to know more about building your brand online, and effective measurement through some of our unique offerings – then call us or contact us now.


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