Building confidence in behavioural advertising


Building confidence in behavioural advertising ...

iab logoToday, the IAB is announcing a new initiative - The aim is to help build consumer confidence in online data collection and subsequent behavioural targeting. They are trying to communicate to the average internet user that firstly, online data collection is secure and secondly, that it allows advertisers to target relevantly. There is also a gentle reminder that without online advertising, many of the websites they enjoy for free would either cost them money or wouldn't exist at all.

For a while now, the online advertising industry has needed someone to step up to the mark and seek further engagement with typical online consumers on matters such as this. We can only hope that this initiative by the IAB, with Guy Phillipson at the forefront, will demonstrate that behavioural targeting (and the like) shouldn't be something to be scared of. If the IAB can lead the way, maybe others will be more willing to stick their heads out from behind the website "privacy policy" page. The more this is talked about, the more likely we are to hear people shouting about uses of tools such as Doubleclick's boomerang and BT's Phorm - the result should be better performing campaigns for advertisers and more relevant ads being served for consumers. It has been picked up by the BBC and other media organisations already, so hopefully it will have an impact.


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