Google Ad Extensions for the Larger Account


Google Ad Extensions for the Larger Account ...

With strict character limits in place on Google search ads, any opportunity to show potential customers more information is a chance not to miss. Ad extensions, such as sitelinks, reviews and callouts, allow exactly this. They also improve visibility and potentially the CTR of your ads, so surely it’s a no brainer!

Equimedia ad showing in Google Search

With the capability to add these extensions at account, campaign or ad group level, they can be as general or as specific as your business requires. The ad words interface allows a simple method to create these extensions or add previously created ones to a particular campaign or ad group. But as your account grows and the number of campaigns increases, this process of creation can become dauntingly lengthy.

Fear not! Spreadsheets have once again come to the rescue. 

Within the ad extensions tab there is a drop down menu entitled ‘edit’, and within it the option to “upload spreadsheet with changes”.

How to bulk upload extensions into ad words

In the dropdown menu is also an option to download a template so you know exactly how to structure your upload spreadsheet. The instructions included within the template are very easy to follow and there is link to a Google support page with more information.

Here’s an example of a spreadsheet used to update callout extensions:

Example spreadsheet used to update callout extensions

Once uploaded, any ad extension changes you’ve made will take effect immediately.

Google often producenew ad extensions, which we here at equimedia integrate into our clients’ campaigns. Contact a member of the team today to discover how we could help improve your PPC performance.


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