The four common failings of charity website strategies… and how to fix them.


The four common failings of charity website strategies… and how to fix them. ...

Executive Summary

Charities are potentially losing out on millions of pounds of online donations according to our latest data study, which evaluated 129 UK charity websites.

The study was undertaken following a successful year for equimedia in which several not-for-profit organisations joined us as Clients. Our work with these charities, large and small, identified opportunities to improve overall digital strategy, website attributes and digital channel planning that have enabled us to improve their digital marketing performance and increase online visibility and donations. We noticed common issues with site design and optimization and so devised a survey to find out how widespread these issues were in the sector. The four common failings of charity websites identified by the study were:

  1. 42% of charities do not optimise their homepage titles
  2. 62% of charity websites have ‘slow’ page load times
  3. Over 20% of charities fail to mention ‘donate’ in their homepage copy
  4. Over 70% of charities do not have fully responsive homepages

With the inexorable growth in reliance on connected technology, online donations and the growth of mobile communication and payment technologies, charities should look to correct these four issues. This will ensure they are future-proofing their supporter recruitment strategies and begin to gain a share of the potential donations and support online.

Our whitepaper explores each of these four common issues, as they act as significant barriers to online visibility and supporter engagement. If they are corrected, improvements can be made to site visitor numbers and online donor conversions.

Practical tips on how to correct these problems are given, so that all not-for-profit organisations can secure a share of the online support donors choose to give now and in the future.

download your copy here

The whitepaper also includes our five other must-do digital initiatives for charities, as detailed in Helen’s blog post earlier this year, a perfect starting point for 2015 planning!

We hope that you find the whitepaper an interesting read, and we would welcome your comments below.


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