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Choosing a Tag Management Solution

Written by Rashpal | 14-Nov-2013 11:16:21


When looking for a Tag Management solution you will be faced with multifarious choices, including Qubit’s Opentag, Ensighten and DC Storm to name but a few. We are familiar with all of them but, more recently, we have been researching the benefits of using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

GTM is quite similar to all the other tag management solutions available in terms of flexibility and usability but comes with an added benefit, being FREE! Yes, GTM is a free-to-use tag management solution which complements many other Google provided services allowing you to deploy GA tags, AdWords conversion tags etc. and many other non-standard 3rd party tags relatively easily. (Site structure is an important variable here – while most sites are relatively straight forward to tag and work with, some may need a workaround).

What are the benefits of using GTM?

  • Installation of a variety of tags reasonably simply. There is also support for many non-standard 3rd party tags and custom tags. Users can set a variety of rules (conditions) to make sure that the tag only fires on the page(s) it is intended to fire on. Rules range from URL based RegEx to events on the page and many more:


  • In most cases GTM requires less technical knowledge to install when compared to some of its rivals. No coding is required on the page (unless passing some custom variables from the site into the tags) or within the GTM interface to implement the tags. We manage the solution for clients so that their IT team can focus on other more pressing priorities.
  • GTM can save you a huge amount of time if you have a site with 100s of pages, such as an e-commerce site, where tagging several or all pages for various purposes (retargeting/conversion) becomes a cumbersome task requiring IT support. GTM shortens this process. For example, tagging all the product pages for remarketing can be achieved using URL based firing rules. 
  • Collecting variables from pages can also be accomplished, but this usually requires some help from the webmaster to help create a data layer to collect the variables from, in the form of macros, and pass it into the tags. 
  • You can remove or alter tags within the GTM interface and the changes are instantaneous on the site.
  • With features like Auto-Event Tracking and Preview mode you can even fire tags when certain events are triggered on the site (e.g. clicking a download link) and test everything in the preview and debug mode respectively.
  • The GTM tag also loads all the tags asynchronously, which means the host site won’t clog up with all the tags firing at once, and slow down. GTM makes sure the tags fire swiftly and don’t affect the site speed.

As a member of equimedia’s Ad Ops team I have to deal with site tagging on a daily basis and from experience I know that using a tag management solution can make tag set up and testing quicker and help avoid IT dept involvement. We are constantly looking for new ways to make the tagging process more efficient, so we can spend more time optimising campaigns and delivering optimal results. To find out more about tag management, or GTM in particular, and see how we can help you tackle the tracking on your site get in touch here.