Christmas campaigns from top five social brands in 2013


Christmas campaigns from top five social brands in 2013 ...

According to the Social Brands 100 report published at the beginning of 2013 Battlefield, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Thomson Holidays and Thomas Cook UK are the brands using the social web most effectively, engaging with customers though social channels and running interesting campaigns. With this in mind we have looked at their Facebook fan pages to review their current seasonal activities. Looking at only one social channel we would like to investigate just how integrated those seasonal activities are. With less than a week until Christmas we can still witness how some of those campaigns reach their culmination point so let’s have a look!


Christmas meets Battlefield 4: The revenge of Christmas video

Watch the video on YouTube here. 

The most social brand of 2013 only appears to have produced a YouTube video so far, so we would like to think that there is more to come. Even though the video is well received is it going to be enough this Christmas?


2. American Airlines

American Airlines Snowball Express activity on Facebook

Take a look at the picture in Facebook.

American Airlines decided to impress their customers with a Christmas event in Dallas, US, hosted for 1,800 family members of fallen military. Preparations, flying all attendees to the event and the event activities are nicely documented under #snowballexpress2013 and definitely impress the Facebook audience.  


3. Lufthansa

Lufthansa cool Germany activity snapshot

Of the top five social brands we think Lufthansa is the most impressive this Christmas. Not only have they integrated their offline seasonal activities with online promotions (events competitions or Christmas themed kids passes), they have also invested in the most complex social campaign – blogger engagement. You can follow the journey of 5 bloggers from 4 European countries discovering the best German Christmas markets on this map.


4. Thomson Holidays

Thomson Holidays #meagain simon campaign

Thomson Holidays run various promotions on their fan page but this Christmas they are also using the element of suspense to gradually reveal their seasonal campaign under the #meagain hashtag. So far we know it is going to involve a character named Simon and all information about him will become available on the 27th of December. We have a few more days left but we can already see that the brand have invested a big budget in preparations and planning. The campaign has its own microsite and a video trailer so we are quite sure there is more to come. It’s one to watch! 


5. Thomas Cook UK

Thomas Cook UK Unwrap Christmas Early facebook app

Thomas Cook UK dedicated an entire area of Facebook apps to their seasonal engagement this year. Their ‘Unwrap Christmas Early’ app allows users to subscribe to daily giveaways and competitions in this dedicated Facebook area.

2013 was a good year for social media marketers observing many brands bravely experimenting with new tools and platforms in so many different ways, wisely planning and executing their social campaigns and building a good pool of impressive case studies. We have seen many leading brands and individuals daring to put social at the core of their campaigns and achieving their goals with great success. Mark & Spencer decided to launch their Christmas advertising campaign on YouTube. Beyonce published a surprise Christmas album without any traditional marketing and has already managed to hit all her targets. Aside from those new, surprising, sometimes disruptive approaches we also see brands consistently delivering in the area of social marketing – Cadbury’s Facebook fan page for example remains a treat, as always. We cannot wait to see how all the top social brands continue to deliver interesting social engagement campaigns! And we cannot wait to see who is going to be in the top 100 in 2014!


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