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ComScore research study on making Online GRPs equivalent to offline

Written by Kathryn | 27-Mar-2012 14:00:42

ComScore yesterday released a WhitePaper on establishing a currency for online ad measurement which describes  steps to validating delivery of online campaigns to successfully measure an online GRP accurately;

  • In-view
  • Right Audience
  • In Geography
  • Brand Safe
  • Not Fraudulent


All are logical for accurately measuring the impact of online advertising. Many of which will make Online advertising more accurate than other forms of media (In what other medium can you measure with a level of certainty that an ad has been seen or heard by the user?). 

One missing piece of the puzzle remains in my opinion; ‘Ad Impact’

Impact Factor

Television impacts are relatively straight forward – each impact is factored to a 30 second video spot. With online, we have IAB Standard formats, Rich Media, Video in Ad, Video Pre-Roll, sponsorships, takeovers, facebook ads, text ads, logo’s and more. This broad variation in ad opportunities is one of online’s greatest assets, but also makes measuring reach and frequency alone lacking in robustness.  10 Million facebook ad impressions are not equivalent to 10 million pre-roll video impressions and our GRP calculation should ensure Impacts are measured equally. 

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