Cookie regulation: a collection of useful reading


Cookie regulation: a collection of useful reading ...

We've collected together some of the most recent and interesting views on the upcoming cookie regulation implications.

We'll update them as we come across them. Let us know of any others that you think we should add…


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) 


  • Our view on how to conduct a cookie audit - 27th May 2011:
  • Our latest summary of what you need to do to comply - 11th January 2012:

  • TagMan summarising 7 steps towards compliance - 8th February 2012:

Eduardo Usturan @ Field Fisher Waterhouse 

BBC Cookie page

  • The updated cookie page on the website:

Guardian Cookie page

[NB. I am not a legal expert. The opinions expresssed above are either my personal take on this situation or the views of the author on the referenced website. Each website owner will need to make their own decisions on what is required in order for them to be compliant….but hopefully this list of information helps].


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