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Could Broken Journeys be Masking the Performance of your Online Media?

Written by Andrew | 02-Sep-2012 13:30:00

Quantifying the impact of the use of multiple internet- enabled devices on the ability to track online sales.

Online marketers are becoming increasingly sophisticated at tracking the effectiveness of their marketing. But changes in consumer behaviour are making their job harder. If a customer uses multiple devices to access the internet, or deletes or disables cookies, then it is no longer possible to track their full customer journey from research to final purchase due to broken journeys.

But what is the extent of the problem, and is it something that you should be worrying about?

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Equimedia has commissioned a comprehensive online survey into broken journeys, the first of its kind, to find out. The findings reveal that broken journeys may be impacting on up to two-thirds of the sales that are researched online. Our white paper presents a summary of the findings along with some thoughts on the implications of broken journeys. We also show how these issues may be addressed, resulting in better performance indicators and better marketing accountability.