Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet Tracking Using Google Analytics Advanced Segments


Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet Tracking Using Google Analytics Advanced Segments ...

Understanding site usage patterns for mobile, desktop, smartphone and tablets users is of paramount importance in an age where users are using a variety of devices to access and consume your content.

Until recently the only default Advanced Segment available in Google Analytics to analyse these traffic types was for mobile devices. Whilst it was possible to create other custom segments based on screen resolution and operating system this was quite often a complex and time consuming exercise.

However the great news is that it now appears that Google have resolved the issue and have added a new tablet traffic default segment.


Tablet Traffic Default Segment


The improvement doesn’t stop here. The advanced segments dimension and metrics lists now boasts new dimensions for both Mobile and Tablets.

Advanced Segments Mobile

Advanced Segments Tablet

This graceful improvement now paves the way for you to create some powerful advanced segments of your own without having to rely on screen resolution and operating system.

To get you started we thought we’d help you out and create them for you, just click the links below:

NOTE: The links may require you to be signed into Google Analytics.

Desktop Traffic

Smartphone Traffic

When you open the links you’ll be prompted to choose the pro/wp-content/uploads/file in which to make the advanced segment available. You can also adjust the name to whatever you like. If you’re not signed into GA you may be asked to sign in but otherwise you should be taken to the screen below.

Advance Segment Shared

Once you’re happy just click the create button. You should now see a pre-populated advanced segment that is ready to go. Again if you’re happy with what you’re seeing just click the save segment button. This will take you to the advanced segments section of the assets tab within the admin section of the tool.

TIPS: Click the any option radio button in more options drop down to make the segment available in all of your pro/wp-content/uploads/files. Alternatively select the second radio button to grant access to selected pro/wp-content/uploads/files.

More Options

To access your new advanced segment you now just have to navigate to the report you’re interested in, apply it by selecting the relevant checkbox in the custom segments panel and start analysing data!

Custom Segments Panel

Traffic Percentages

In addition to these segments we also recommend that you experiment by creating some channel specific examples. This can be achieved by joining two or more statements using the AND combination. For example the segment below contains two statements, one exactly matching the medium as CPC and the other exactly matching mobile to no.

Linking Statements

Again we’d thought we’d help you out and create sets that look at organic and paid search traffic.

NOTE: The links may require you to be signed into Google Analytics.

Organic – Desktop Traffic

Organic – Mobile Traffic

Organic – Tablet Traffic

Organic – Smartphone Traffic

CPC – Desktop Traffic

CPC – Mobile Traffic

CPC – Tablet Traffic

CPC – Smartphone Traffic

From here the sky is well and truly the limit. Hopefully these segments will help you understand if your sites are mobile friendly and help you spot some potential optimisations to improve site and channel performance!

Also don’t worry if all this talk on advanced segments is going over your head the Google Analytics help centre is on hand to help you get started.

Finally for all your Google Analytics, reporting, consultancy analysis and training needs please feel free to contact one of our in house GA specialists. With over 10 years’ experience and GACP accreditation equimedia specialise in helping organisations in getting more out of their online marketing!


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