Discovery Ads


Discovery Ads

New paths to purchase: The only Discovery that matters...

Google are continuously looking for new ‘paths to purchase’ for consumers to follow and organisations to utilise, one way they have done this is by transforming the way in which consumers discover new things.

For example, Google state that up to 60% of consumers have discovered their favourite brands while watching videos on mobile, catching up on newsfeeds and reading through emails.

Put simply, Google now have a lot more data to use to determine what is relevant to consumers, and this means that having your ad at the beginning, top or first doesn’t guarantee that your ad is clicked.

Especially as Google say that 2 of the’ first 5 stories on your feed are ads - social media channels and TV are also becoming crowded with ads and sponsored content that isn’t completely relevant to the user.

Introducing the Discovery Ad

Discovery Ads - Google’s latest innovation that enables you to stand out from the crowd by showing your ad before the newsfeed. Although the Discovery Ads are at BETA stage, we have exclusive access as a Google Partner to use this with our clients’.

Discovery Ads are powered by the unique understanding of intent that Google have across hundreds of millions of users. Google’s machine learning algorithm decides when and where the Discovery Ad is shown based on this data.

These in-feed experiences enable users to stay up to date with things they’re interested in, as well as purchase across Discover inventory in a single place.

You simply provide Google with the base assets and they’ll deliver and render the best ad across Google properties that’ll help your brand get discovered.

Discovery Ads can be used to achieve a variety of business goals including:

  • Lead generation
  • Increase awareness
  • Soft goals/micro-conversions
  • Website views

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