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Helping the DMA shape our #digitalfutures – a roundup of our Bristol event

Written by Tiffany | 09-Jul-2015 14:56:00

Now in to early July, the year is well and truly underway (flying by in fact!) and we’ve hosted a number of our successful Digital Futures events. Time to change it up and try something new…

Yesterday we sponsored a DMA event in Bristol which was essentially a bigger, broader Digital Futures session with content not only from ourselves, but from our sister agency Sixth Sense Social*, long-term client Panasonic Europe and Google – and it was a really great session.

Delegates at work

Hosted at Bristol Aquarium we spent the morning with a mix of brands and other agencies talking about digital futures and what’s coming quickly – or more slowly – down the road. The four speakers covered different topics and which meant great variety in the content, making for a buzzing atmosphere and some great Q&A sessions.

Our Media Planning Manager, Matt Smith, kicked things off by talking about one of the hottest topics in the industry – programmatic, and how it is transforming digital advertising.

Matt Smith from equimedia

Matt talked about the advances in technology and how these have bought us to the “dawn of the age of programmatic” that we as agencies – and brands – find ourselves standing at today. Key points from his presentation included audience, context, relevancy and the continued role of creative but the main message I took away was the
Data, Technology and People point. Matt stressed that while technology is advancing and supporting with the processing and utilisation of data, human insight will always play a critical role in programmatic success.

Matt also tackled questions from the room on viewability and brand safety; two of the main concerns that brands not yet fully utilising programmatic have.

Following Matt was Stephen Yeo, Marketing Director for Panasonic B2B across Europe. His energetic presentation gave some fantastic, real-life insight in to marketing at Panasonic – and it was great to hear from a B2B brand, something I don’t often come across at events.

Stephen talked about the marketing journey at Panasonic B2B and how they got to the place they are today; where they’re utilising marketing automation software to work towards the ambition of the “one-to-one campaign”.

Stephen Yeo from Panasonic

After a quick coffee break, Claire Snook from Sixth Sense Social took to the podium to talk about Social Media and how it’s becoming critical for business. After shocking the room with some stats – I was thinking ‘do I spend over 2 hours a day on social, like the UK average?!’ – she moved on to the really good stuff.

Claire continued on the theme of the day that emerged – data – and talked about how understanding not only your audience, but their influencers as well as your competitors and market will help drive your social strategy. Going against the grain and the adage that “content is king”, Claire argued that
connection is king. Even as a brand you must be open and genuine and work to truly connect with your audience.

Claire worked in some fantastic examples of content and social campaigns, from the
BMJ’s ‘Man with the golden liver’ infographic to the integrated ‘Tweet to eat’ interactive out of home campaign from Walkers.

Claire faced the, perhaps unsurprising, question about social and ROI. She answered it in two ways, stating that step one is to determine what you mean by ROI for each specific campaign and step two is to work with your systems to track activity in a way that’s right and meaningful for your business, whether that’s Google Analytics through to eCommerce or on site lead measurement, or through a different system where social can be tracked as a source.

Last but not least was Darragh Daunt from Google: A refreshing change from the YouTube sales pitch we’ve often come to expect from Google, Darragh kept the room engaged, talking about the getting the combination of the Who, Where and What right; targeting the right person, at the right time in the
moments that matter. He built on this by talking about creative and again tying it back to data, echoing Matt’s presentation from earlier in the morning.

A number of heads were nodding in the room when Darragh mentioned the challenges with creative and the lack of use of data to inform creative messages and lead to creative changes I don’t think surprised anyone.

He gave some great examples both on and offline of data-led creative and before moving on to talk dynamic creative and HTML5 – something to start getting ready for if you haven’t already!!

Darragh wrapped the morning nicely by sharing some tools from Google – you can find them here:
Think with Google

Darragh Daunt from Google

Hard to wrap up in a single blog post but we had some really great feedback from the room and it was fun to be there as an attendee – and to have my first panel spot! A big thanks to David Reed from DataiQ magazine for chairing the event and to the DMA team too.

If there was one theme running through the whole day it was the clever use of data;
data but with that continued human insight.

To catch up on the action, take a look at the event hashtags:



You can take a look at the slides from the event here:

  *Sixth Sense Social is now fully integrated into the equimedia business structure