Dominating the paid search space: All Leisure Group


Dominating the paid search space: All Leisure Group ...

Over the past few weeks we have spent some time talking through how we approach Betas for our clients, and how we like to ensure that if a newly released Beta fits with one of our clients, we get them on it as soon as possible.

Below is a very simple demonstration, from one of our clients, Voyages of Discovery – part of All Leisure Group, showcasing why it can be beneficial to get a client onto some of the new ad formats.

Screenshot of an Adwords PPC ad on Google SERP

As you can see we achieve maximum stand out and really dominate the top position of a fairly cluttered search result.

Breaking the ad down we have no less than 5 extensions in play here as shown below.

Annotated Screenshot of Image Extensions, Review Extensions and Sitelinks on Paid Search Results

The release of enhanced campaigns has brought a plethora of new bells and whistles and now is the time to make sure you are taking advantage.


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