DoubleClick Outage Update 19 March 2018


DoubleClick Outage Update 19 March 2018 by Tim Cook, Head of Programmatic



As DoubleClick continue to try to unravel the root cause of Tuesday’s outage, it is interesting that although impact on client performance in most cases has been minimal, the timing of the outage could have been a lot worse.

For example, a week later on or around the 25th we would be approaching pay day for many across the UK and a lack of reporting and conversion data around this period would have almost certainly had a bigger impact as pay day drives so many purchasing behaviours which advertisers would want to respond to – in particularly the school term end and Easter break.

Leading up to this past weekend, weather stations warned of a mini ‘Beast from the East’ and they were correct as it hit many parts of the UK. Depending on the product or service savvy advertisers will have set their digital marketing campaigns to take advantage of increased online activity as people were more likely to be indoors and online. An outage on a snow day would certainly have been worse for performance marketing results.

 This week we look forward to the full details of the reasons behind the DoubleClick outage and we will aim to share more recommendations for advertisers on the best approach in moving forward.


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