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With word on the grapevine that eBay are planning to phase out the Google sponsored ads when users are logged into an ebay account, we felt it was worthwhile testing how the platform might perform as a solo entity.

The stand out difference between Google sponsored links and the new eBay results is that eBay ads can include an image to compliment your text, and improve visibility within the page.  The high volume of traffic coming through eBay means that terms and copy have to be specific enough to ensure that we attract the right audience.  Due to this, and the positioning of the ads at the foot of the page, we did not initially expect to achieve a high CTR; something similar to that of the Google Display Network would be realistic target.

We initially launched a Brand only campaign to enable us to assess whether the client customer base was using eBay.  The first month’s results are promising producing a click to onsite conversion rate of +3% from a CTR of just less than 0.5%.  As just under 1,000,000 impressions were served this is not a result to be sniffed at.

With this success we have since launched generic strategies which have generated a 1% click to onsite conversion rate.  Within this strategy are product specific campaigns which are producing CTRs between 0.45% - 1.07%.

With the high volume and diverse nature of products available, there is something for everyone on eBay which makes this platform highly recommended for UK retail businesses.

Even though we have seen good results from Adcommerce, the US platform has not faired as well and was retired on 4th August 2010.


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