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Effective website sales funnels

Written by Ryan | 17-Mar-2009 13:22:35

It's often difficult to take the "conversion marketing" hat off when browsing websites outside of work. This is especially true when trying to engage with sites that force you to think far too much…I don't want to have to spend time thinking, I just want to get the information or buy the product and move on! There are exceptions to this of course, but a typical approach we take with website development is "don't force the visitor to think too much".

By way of further explanation, it is surely common sense to ensure the navigation to the pages you are keen for visitors to reach is clear and the user journey short. If you want visitors to reach, for example, the quote start page, link directly to that page from the home page with a visible button (of course deep linking to that page from relevent online advertising as well). Why send them via several other pages of additional information and risk them dropping out? If your target audience contains a significant amount of "information seekers" then make this information clearly available to them, but don't force the "rapid responders" to have to hunt around to find the pages they want.

I was pleasantly surprised to interact with a site recently that adhered to this basic principle and furthermore drew me very effectively into the start of the sales funnel. I'd chipped my car windscreen and because I know the autoglass brand, I visited the site straight away. Immediately you can see that the www.autoglass.co.uk homepage has the prominent call to action "book online now". I clicked, especially because it suggested it would be FREE. The subsequent page then started me on a user journey that (1) informed me, (2) engaged with me and (3) started the online booking. I therefore became far less likely to visit a competitor site for comparison. Autoglass were going to solve my problem without me having to think - especially as they were going to come to me to do the work! A great example of a site that delivers an excellent user experience, with very little brain power needed by the user.

I'm confident that my positive experience with this site is not untypical. It is a further example of why we advise Clients to follow this basic principal in website development. Please don't make me think!