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Enhanced Campaigns A Finished Product?

Written by Tom | 15-Mar-2013 10:44:00

Many advertisers are still getting their heads around the potential positive and negative impacts of migrating their AdWords campaigns over to enhanced campaigns (EC).

Is Google’s EC product completely finished?

Recently we’ve received enquiries asking why there is no obvious way to ensure a call extension are only live on mobile devices.

After all, displaying a Google call forwarding number in the SERPs on Desktop/Tablet devices would surely have potential negative implications for QS as it might encourage calls, and not clicks.

- CTR is widely regarded as the largest contributor to QS
- Having a call forwarding number could lower CTR through encouraging a call rather than a click
- Lower CTR leads to a lower QS, all other things being equal
- Lower QS = lower adrank, all other things equal, which would result in requiring higher Max CPCs to achieve the same adrank

How do we know the user would otherwise have clicked on the PPC ad?

In truth we don’t know, but if they called they were clearly engaged with the ad and the only other way to engage with the Brand would have been to click on the ad.

We obviously cannot possibly determine whether getting users more swiftly into the call centre outweighs the potential increased costs of PPC without testing, but this is food for thought.

The solution is to ensure that the call extension is “mobile preferredâ€. This functionality does not appear to be widely available across all AdWords accounts yet but this is surely only a matter of time. A mass roll out of new functionality on a live product is always likely to have some bugs that need to be overcome.

It’s great to see that Google are reacting swiftly to feedback by proactive users of the new enhanced campaign product and actively helping us all to get the best out of the new system.

If you’re worried about enhanced campaigns and need some friendly advice please get in touch with our paid search team.

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