Enhanced Sitelinks Come to Bing


Enhanced Sitelinks Come to Bing ...

Enhanced Sitelinks – a feature that has been available on Google for a while - made their Bing debut in the US yesterday.

Enhanced sitelinks allow you to add two extra rows of text to your Sitelinks as well as the Headline and Destination URL. Bing reports that advertisers who have tested Enhanced Sitelinks saw a 27% uplift in Click Through Rate (CTR), without any real change in Cost Per Click (CPC).

Bing Enhanced Sitelinks

Enhanced Sitelinks will only trigger for the ad that appears in the top position in the search results, so it is highly recommended to start testing them across your Brand campaigns or campaigns whose keywords have a high Quality Score. Note that Enhanced Sitelinks are not yet compatible with mobile devices on Bing.

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