equimedia Bowling Night


equimedia Bowling Night ...

We hold many different equimedia social events and for variety the team organised a bowling night. It also provided the opportunity for all to grab the spotlight and win the much coveted equimedia cup (and the associated bragging rights).

The office banter started earlier than normal as teams were assigned a week prior with prizes due to be awarded for, amongst others, the best team name. The team names, as ever, were interesting and varied with some good and some, well, just weird!

• I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
• Incredibowls
• Living On A Spare
• PinPals
• Sharp Shooters
• Snakes On A Lane
• Who Killed the Bear

Once we had all safely negotiated the best traffic Swindon has to offer we arrived, eager and ready to pull on a pair of bowling shoes and get to business.

After a few warm ups from some and a couple of drinks from others the teams took to their lanes and started the task of hunting the alley for the perfect ball - the winning ball.

Choosing the best bowling ball

All teams started promisingly with celebrations and commiserations echoing in equal measure across the alley.

The excuses had started in earnest. Shoulder injuries, sore thumbs and aching ankles were amongst the more serious mentioned.

2961 points later and we were at the half way stage with some people prowling up and down to check out the highest scorers and it was time for a little food. “Burger Meal” was the advertised delicacy and despite it resembling something from a child’s toy set (and tasting much the same) they were devoured without hesitation.

 Enjoying some bowling burgers

The second games got underway with a number of noticeable improvements on show and Jonathan mastering the art of making bowling look good, at least superficially, for his growing audience.

Mastering the art of bowling


Whilst others spoke of near misses…

Andrew measures the distance of his near miss

And we were done.  The last ball was bowled, the last pins were struck and the last drink was drunk.


The Results

Working for a company that lives in numbers stats are inevitable, so here we go:

On the night we saw

6194 points scored

155 Gutter balls bowled

57 Strikes scored

56 Burger meals consumed

5 alleged injuries

And too many excuses


Because of the inevitable odd numbers the overall scores for the highest placed team were done based on the average score of each team member.

And the winners, with a comfortable 14 pin lead, were The Incredibowls.

Team score table


The Individual winner and now holder of the equimedia cup was, erm, well, embarrassingly; it was me with 302 – closely followed and hotly contested by Tom.

Individuals score table


As Tom is a nice sporting chap he even agreed to award the prize in person

Tom awards Mike with the equimedia cup


The inter department scores also proved popular with Paid Search just beating Digital Development to the crown and the bragging rights.

Departmental average score table

The best Team Name award, as chosen independently, was I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter whilst most improved bowler of the night was shared by Jo and Becca – with both scoring an impressive 46% improvement.

The most anticipated award of the night, “Highest Placed Burgess” was taken by Louise after a number of ordered recounts!

All in all an excellent and enjoyable night was had by all!


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