Equi=Media Design and Build 2011 round up


Equi=Media Design and Build 2011 round up ...

The web development team at Equi=Media delivered some very successful design and build projects in 2011. From the expected (landing pages and display creative) through to the more unexpected (web apps and mobile assets). Here are 5 projects in particular that we have chosen to highlight.

1. Rich Media Creative: RSPB Video banner

As the mechanisms for buying display media become more and more powerful (behavioural targeting, real time bidding, audience segmentation etc) it is becoming more, not less, important to compliment these wth engaging creative. If you can target your prospects so effectively, make sure you make an impression on them! (Excuse the accidental pun). We're always seeking ways to help our Clients deliver creative that engages, without eating up the entire media budget. One of our most recent examples of this is for the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch campaign which is due to run shortly.

2. Viral Application: BSM Recommend a Friend

At the very beginning of the year we launched a "widget" for BSM. It used social media "share" functionality to help customers send their own personal voucher code to their Friends. The friends were able to book driving lessons at a discounted rate, while the "recommender" was rewarded with £10 for every friend who booked up. The tool was an immediate success.

3. Facebook Application: Petplan Equine Quiz

We have worked with Petplan on a number of website quizzes previously, but as their Social Media presence grows, so we wanted to deliver some of the more engaging content within Facebook. This quiz proved incredibly popular and used the Facebook API to host the quiz within Facebook and also share the final results with friends.

This quiz can be found on the Petplan Equine Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PetplanEquineUK

4. Microsite optimisation: Four Seasons Sunrooms

It isn't always possible for Clients to make changes to their website as quickly as they would like. One possible solution to this is to build a stand alone microsite; on which you can test and learn to find the best converting landing pages and forms. An ongoing example of a project of this nature is for Four Seasons Sunrooms, where we are testing opportunities for improvements to website conversion every day.

5. Mobile Optimisation: Petplan Mobile Landing Page

With the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile traffic levels increasing, optimising websites for this traffic is more critical than ever. Furthermore, Google have updated their mobile quality score algorithm to take this more heavily into consideration. However, Clients don't always have the budget or resource for developing an entirely new mobile site, so we're proud of our innovative solutions for Clients, such as the mobile landing page we built for Petplan. The impact on conversion was immediately significant and gave us a very happy Client!

To see more about what design and build services we offer, see our conversion page.


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