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Equi=Media Pioneering the New Era of Display Advertising

Written by Kathryn | 11-Jan-2012 11:07:16

Through 2010/11, Equi=Media have been pioneering the use of bid based ad buying through ad exchanges and Ad Platforms in real time. Through targeted ad buying and daily optimisation we’re successfully improving our clients online ROI. We served billions of impressions globally in 2011 – a huge 61% of these  were bought via Ad Exchanges. This figure is continuing to grow in 2012: 78% of all display ad impressions for our clients have been bought on Ad Exchanges via our Kaizen Platform trading desk and our data analysis skills allow us to ensure these targeted ads complement and optimise the efficiency of all other display ads, search and social activity.

The article in Marketing Week by Gina Lovett (New era dawns for display advertising) is absolutely correct in the suggestion that display should be assessed as part of the overall mix – but rather than this being a 'utopian vision' it is a day to day reality for our clients. That's exactly how we run campaigns at Equi=Media - identifying cross-channel contributions is at the heart of our planning.

We've invested heavily in technology and people which means analysis of multi-channel activity is routine for client reports and centralised for channel optimisation. This investment enables us to run successful Multi-channel and Multi-country campaigns for Panasonic, achieving 122% uplift on responses volumes with just 33% of previous budgets planned by their previous agency. Our exhaustive data analysis platform has also allowed us to map both offline and online campaigns against online and call data for a Travel client we've recently acquired - allowing us to deploy their marketing budgets in the most effective way offline and online.

Real time bid display inventory can be as cost efficient as paid search if targeted and optimised effectively and we agree with the thoughts of Matthew Turner from American Express that for many clients it could become an “always on” online channel enhancing the efficiency of all other online advertising activity.