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2012 equimedia Summer Do

Written by Michael | 17-Sep-2012 08:44:00

31st August officially signalled the end of summer for us here at Equi=Media as it was the day we had all been looking forward to, our summer party. Now the days are shorter and the nights colder, but at least Summer went out with a bang!

Never known to do things half-heartedly we had all been anticipating a day of excitement, fun and relaxation, and to make things even better it luckily fell on a rare and surprisingly warm, dry day. (It is worth pointing out that some aspects of this blog may be written in favour of the teams I represented during the day's events.)

The relaxation period started with workmates and colleagues shooting small balls of paint towards each other at 300 feet per second. There were those among us who were concentrated, hungry and ready to storm the battle field. There were also those who weren't.

We were split evenly into two groups, red and blue. The blue team seemed to have more desire to win as they won all three games and captured the flag each time. The final game consisted of all against all total warfare which bruised both bodies and pride.

After a lunch of chips and steak the afternoon activities began, which saw us split into four teams for inter-office Olympics: blues, greens, yellows and the brave, yet victimised, black team.

The games were a test of speed, strength, stamina and fortitude. They also tested our space hopper skills…

Below are a few of the best images highlighting the day's events:

Greg did look pretty dashing; here he is as a centaur.

Jon enjoying the space hopper race for the brilliant blue team.

Here's Mike proving himself as the office strong man, winning the Welly-Wanging competition for the yellows (he did have a boot different to everyone else's though, had a buckle on and everything).

Simon competed in the apple bobbing event and helped win the black team some well-earned points.

The chicken race was a chance for some to show the office their blistering pace. Nick edged out in front for the blue team, with head down in a Usain Bolt-esque pose.

Then we had a sprint race with people in their normal office attire.

Emily, representing the greens, had to take part in a hoopla- off with Jon from the blue team to decide who won the hula-hoop race.

The dizzy Mexican race brought out people's competitive nature with accusations of cheating starting to be thrown around.

After the games the day was wrapped up with a bbq and some drinks. The scores were announced and it was the blue team, who had stayed under the radar and performed consistently well who took top place. They were followed by the green team, with the yellows taking 3rd and the black team ending up at the bottom of the pack.

Not only did the day confirm that the athletes heading to Rio have absolutely nothing to worry about, but it was also a brilliant way to end the summer. Luckily the Christmas party has already been booked and will hopefully prove to be just as enjoyable.