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equimedia’s first ever Twitter Story - #thesantagames

Written by Julie | 01-Dec-2013 10:00:00

Following the release of the widely-anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire we decided to create our own version of the much loved story for Christmas. Complete with ‘tributes’ (aka six hopeful Santas) the story will unfold from this Sunday (1st December) as the characters prepare to embark on six somewhat gruelling challenges - all of which, of course, are related to digital.

The Santa Games are organised and founded by @eqbadboynik – a St Nicholas imposter - who governs this sparse corner of the world. They take place every year from 1st December to 6th December. On 6th December (St Nicholas Day) the results will be revealed by @eqbadboynik with the victor finally crowned.

All six challenges will be announced during the week by @eqbadboynik but this is when their digital knowledge really comes into play – all failed tributes are announced by sudden snowfall in the arena. But here’s the twist, this is a Twitter story, so ultimately it is controlled by the audience and moderated by us @equimedia and @6thSenseDigital.

We have no idea how the story will end, or who the victor will be. But it will be a fight to the end. Out of the six hopefuls only one of them will be crowned Father Christmas 2013. This equates to a feast of mince pies, cookies, chocolates, milk and mulled wine (as well as other national specialities) on Christmas Eve. But best of all, they will be granted goodwill from St Nicholas and will be the one delivering presents to children around the world. Their life will transform from one of solitude and constant rationing to one of luxury. They will receive their very own lavish grotto in the capital of North Pole, a far cry from hunger and the constant threat of polar bears. In fact, in the capital there is no shortage of potential Mrs Santas. All is at stake in The Santa Games.

We want as many people as possible to be involved in the story; so if you fancy participating in our first ever Twitter story then use the #thesantagames and join us from 1st December.

There are of course a few house rules, but these will be revealed on 1st December both on our website and on our Twitter pages, along with a full introduction to the story and characters.

Let the #thesantagames commence!