EU Referendum – Time for the undecided voters to make their decision.

EU Referendum – Time for the undecided voters to make their decision ...

EU Referendum: Time for the undecided voters to make their decision

With the vote tomorrow, people are still sharing that they remain undecided on which way to vote. With those who have already decided for both ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ at similar levels to last week, these undecided voters will probably decide the referendum outcome.

Weekly Summary of Activity

Voting Intention/Predicted Result

EU Referendum Prediction Tracker as of 22nd June 2016. Currently projected to "remain" with 56% of the vote, with "leave" projected at 44%

‘Remain’ have made small gains this week, halting the recent ‘Leave’ momentum, but with around 13% of voters yet to decide this race will remain open until polling day.

Projected turnout for the EU referendum is around 68% however unsettled weather could see this reduce slightly tomorrow.

Regional Summary of Activity

EU Referendum voting sentiment by region of the UK, data as of 22nd June 2016

Data suggests all countries are likely to favour ‘Remain’ overall, but with varying levels of support.

Key Topics Summary

Chart showing key online topics around the EU referendum - data as of 22nd June 2016

Topical distribution this week is similar to the core themes we have been observing over the last few weeks as people once again focus on the key issues of ‘Jobs & Employment’ and ‘Business & Trade’ to make their decisions.

Next up, polling day

We will be publishing a final blog tomorrow incorporating our previous data and a final prediction for the referendum result. Don’t forget to check back to see how the ‘equiengine’ fairs with the last pieces of available data.

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