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EU Referendum - Is Social Data Underrepresenting Female Opinion?

Written by Social Team | 15-Jun-2016 13:58:00

We have taken a look at our Twitter data to see if gender bias could be a key area for consideration.

But before we do, let’s have a look at this week’s topline statistics.

Weekly Summary of Activity

Voting Intention/Predicted Result

‘Leave’ continues to make another small gain this week however a large proportion of voters still remain undecided. With supporters for both sides already staking their claim, it is these marginal voters that will decide this referendums outcome.

Public interest continues to grow, seeing our projected turnout for the EU referendum rising to 68% of registered voters.

Regional Summary of Activity

England continues to be the country with the closest set of results, but all nations continue to favour ‘Stay’

Key Topics Summary

‘Immigration’ has seen more discussion this week compared to average. ‘Jobs & Employment’ and ‘Business & Trade’ continue to be the main areas for consideration around this referendum.

Is social commentary skewed toward male opinion?

Using a sample of twitter data as a barometer we thought it would be interesting to examine the gender variations across EU referendum conversation.

Compared to baseline user data, female commentary in all monitored EU referendum conversation does appear to be under representative. This pattern also appears to be magnified around those expressing ‘Vote Leave’ opinions.

While our analysis isn’t representative of all social commentary it does raise the issue of potential underrepresentation of female viewpoints; something which should be a factor for consideration across both ‘Leave’ and ‘Stay’ campaigns when trying to gauge public opinion and win over the undecided electorate.

Stay tuned for next week’s final update, ahead of referendum day!

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