Facebook Covers for the Financial Sector


Facebook Covers for the Financial Sector ...

When Facebook updated their pro/wp-content/uploads/file layouts to include a cover photo and timeline it was important for companies to respond positively and adapt quickly to these changes to make sure they stood out and offered the best service they could.

Below I'll walk you through my top 5 financial sector Facebook pro/wp-content/uploads/files:

5. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (http://www.facebook.com/deloitteuk?ref=ts):

Deloitte are one of the "Big Four" auditing companies in the world. The cover photo's background looks aesthetically pleasing while the two riders in the front seem to be doing a charity bike ride. This helps to show that they are a company who try and give back to society.

Deloitte's timeline features posts ranging from blogs, news stories, photos, videos and infographics, as well as a link to the Deloitte Games, a competition they are running which allows people to take part as well as measure their success.

4. Aviva (http://www.facebook.com/Aviva):


Aviva are the sixth biggest insurance company in the world and so are expected to have an attractive cover photo. The company has a vivid yellow branding which can be seen on most of their TV and picture based advertising. This sense of continuity is carried across into their social networking pages including Facebook. The pro/wp-content/uploads/file picture, like the other examples, is of their logo while their cover photo is a close shot image of branded balloons. The simplicity of the image works in the company's favour and the link between cover photo and pro/wp-content/uploads/file picture works well.

Their timeline features a lot of customer i
nteraction as well which is great for any company. Obviously complaints are an occupational hazard with public networks, but it's the complaints that are turned around and the compliments that make the timeline so good.


3. PwC (http://www.facebook.com/pwcfanpage):

PwC are another "Big Four" company but still have their own Facebook personality. The logo featured has the advantage of looking better and more modern when compared to others. The cover photo looks as if it's been professionally taken and has certain connotations of professionalism which is a reassurance in the current financial climate.

The timeline is also managed very well. Like some of the others they use infographics to help liven up the page. The difference is that their infographics have encouraged a lot of interaction with people on their page, with people commenting in various languages.


2. Standard Chartered (http://www.facebook.com/StandardChartered):

Standard Chartered PLC is a British multinational bank. I've ranked this the 2nd best but this may not be the case for all. To start with the pro/wp-content/uploads/file picture, like the rest, is the company's logo. Although it is an appealing logo it's not why I ranked it so high. The main cover photo acts as an advertisement for the company's charity work in 3rd world countries. Some people may be put off by the image and find it distressful but this just enhances the company's reputation and shows that charity is something that they strongly believe in.

Their timeline contains lots of customer interaction; one post about a competition they were running had over 1,700 comments and 312 shares. The top post though is the one that I thought was a brilliant example of company management. After making a "mistakes" they came out and handled it brilliantly. Instead of denial or ignoring the problem, they posted an apology and set the record straight. This post also received interaction and some comments such as: "We all make mistakes. I hate the sensationalistic newspapers, they're rather pathetic. It wouldn't surprise me if a certain Scott had something to do with this lame scare-mongerin".  


1. Lloyds TSB London 2012 (http://www.facebook.com/lloydstsblondon2012?ref=ts):

I have to crown Lloyds TSB as the champions! Although it is a little bit of a cheat as it's actually their London 2012 page, I'm still going to count it as it could easily have been used as their main page and Facebook still classify it as a "Bank/Financial Institution". This one doesn't really need a lot of explaining as I think it's obvious why it won, but I will anyway:

  • The characters in the image are the same as those in the TV adverts so they have brand continuity
  • The pro/wp-content/uploads/file picture isn't just of the company's logo, although it does feature
  • The cover photo looks brilliant on its own
  • As a whole it's far more innovative than the others and they have done something a little different by merging the two images
  • It's brilliant

The Lloyds TSB website contains all the best features from the other pages such as customer interaction, nice images, content about their charity work, videos and they also use it as opportunity to boast about their Olympic link and have several pictures and endorsements from TeamGB. The one other thing they use to set them apart from their competitors is their use of polls. These help encourage interaction as well as offering something non sector specific for their customers to enjoy. Their page is a key example of content being king, giving the public something engaging, creative, interactive and different to really get ahead.

There are the good, the bad, the ugly and the brilliant of Facebook pro/wp-content/uploads/files. This may be worth keeping it in mind when you carry out your next page update.


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